Random Thoughts

It's after 10 p.m. My girl is sound asleep, Hubby is at his mom's packing up gear from the recording session he had today, and I am enjoying the benefits of wireless internet (I'm sitting on my sofa in my pj's as I type).

I have a lot of random thoughts clogging my head these days, so I thought I'd take a minute and get them out:

* Maggie is trying to potty train herself, it seems. This past week she has asked to go poopy on the potty almost every day. I should note that we have not technically started potty training yet. She's growing up so fast. It's like I blinked my eyes and she sat up ... crawled ... walked ... talked ... potty trained. Where did all that time go? I still can't believe she is two.

* Our seminarian friend, Scott, was in town last weekend and we saw him at Mass. He looks so fantastic, the best I've ever seen him.

* One of my friends from high school emailed me last week about our 20 year class reunion coming up next summer. Am I really old enough to have been graduated from high school for 20 years? Bah.

* Regarding the reunion, my friend added me to the reunion facebook page, so I guess now I am track-downable. I tend to fly under the radar where all of that stuff is concerned. Don't get me wrong - I loved high school. I didn't want to graduate (though I did, with good grades and everything), and would randomly go back and visit a couple of favorite teachers during my college years. Now, though, I like my memories of high school, and don't want to tarnish them by tallying them against current reality.

* The one person I did think of when I heard about the reunion is Eric Motley. I wonder about him from time to time - he is one of my all-time favorite people. He's one of those friends you couldn't help but love. Just thinking about him makes me smile. I remember him being so kind and generous and genuine, and hope that life hasn't changed any of that. I know he's a success - I can't imagine him as anything else.

* My two best friends - Ashli and Mary - are engaged and planning weddings. It's so exciting! I love these ladies so much, and miss them all the time, and am thrilled to be a part of each of their special days. I wish I could be there (in the South) to help with all the shopping and running around. Since I can't, I have a new appreciation for email and the internet. I can still 'ooo' and 'ahh' over everything, just from afar :)

*We are road tripping with Maggie for both weddings - one is in Louisiana in December, the other in Alabama in May. I'll have to let you know how that goes.

* Our friends, Steve and Jess, are expecting their second baby (a boy) on our wedding anniversary, which I think is fun :)

* Our newlywed friend, Joe, was deployed to Afganistan about 3 weeks ago. He and Lisa have been very much on my mind and in my prayers.

* Hubby and I both want to go see HP7.5 again. We saw it a couple of weeks after it came out and I wanted to stay in the theatre and watch it again right then, so hopefully that will be a date night sometime soon.

* I am so ready for fall to get here. This endless heat is exhausting. The lows are about 89, so there is not much relief at night. Add in the humidity and it can get downright miserable. Come on, October!

Well, I hear the key turning, so Hubby is home. Hope y'all have a lovely Sunday tomorrow.