My Tired Girl

Thursdays can be long days for Maggie. Breakfast is earlier than usual because she has a swim lesson every Thursday morning, so consequently lunch and naptime are usually earlier as well, but bedtime doesn't usually change. Add in the fact that the girl expends a lot of energy while swimming, and you could have a pretty tired girl on your hands by the end of the day. She has been known to fall asleep over her "second breakfast" bowl of oatmeal or bananas :)

Last night, she was wired, but wired in that "I really haven't had enough sleep and am now zooming around the room like a crazy person in an effort to stay awake awake awake!" kind of way. Parents of toddlers, you know what I mean :) Maggie didn't settle down until I put her in the carseat for the ride home.

She started chatting the minute I started driving. Maggie is a chatterbox on a regular day but when she's tired and chatty (so as to stay awake) she is very repetitive, and it can be frustrating to answer the same question ten times in a row. I had to ask her four times last night if she wanted me to sing her a lullaby because she didn't register my question - she was tiredly, completely focused on Frosty's wellbeing (Fwosty sad?), and wasn't hearing either my answers or my questions to her. 'Zoned out' may be the best description.

She finally heard me, though, and began requesting songs. Singing always quiets her down. Our drive is about thirty minutes, so we do this every day.

Last night, right before the singing, my sweet-voiced little girl said, "Mommy, I sweepy. I nee go bed."

We got home, did our nighttime routine, and when I laid her down and covered her with her blanket, Maggie rolled right over on her side and said, "Niy-niy, Mommy. Yuv ooo," and was asleep seconds later.

A tender moment to end our day - I can't ask for better.