Maggie Visits the Dentist

Today was Maggie's first official dental exam. I say 'official' because she spent the better part of a year in that dental office with my parents when my mom was having a major mouth overhaul, so she's well known by the staff there and had already had her teeth looked at a couple of times.

Here is Li'l Miss Hollywood outside Dr. Dale's office...

...and here she is showing off her 'Cindy-gwey-ya' shoes (that 'Cinderella' for those without a Maggie translator available).

(Note that the sun went behind a cloud and I ended up with a blue-toned picture. I have got to get a new computer so I can start fixing that stuff. Anyway, back to Maggie.)

Maggie was wonderful at the dentist's. She took her blanky with her and let Dr. Dale tickle her teeth (that's what we call it at home). We then counted her teeth, in order to get her to open up again. Her teeth all look good, though Dr. Dale did mention that she is delayed in getting some in (which isn't a bad thing, according to him). It's easy to forget that Maggie is a preemie - it's the usual explanation for why she may be behind in anything growth related.

She was very quiet the whole time, and obedient, but I could tell near the end that she was getting upset, and as the dentist was finishing up I saw two little tears in her eyes and decided she was done. I picked her up and she just cuddled in with her blanky for a couple of minutes. Then she got back in the chair and started watching their "Puppy Goes to the Dentist" movie and rifling through her goodie bag (she scored a Cinderella toothbrush). She also hit up the treasure chest on the way out and got a tiny squirt gun and a small stuffed elephant (she watched Dumbo last night for the first time and loved it!).

I called my mom later in the morning to check on Maggie. I wanted to be sure she was doing well emotionally. My mom told me when Maggie got to their house she came running in the door saying "Doc-y Dale checky teef". When my Mom asked her how her teeth were, she said, "ok".

All in all, a very good start. Thank you, Dr. Dale!