My Little Chatterbox

My girl is a talker. A talk talk talk talk talk talk talker. She has the sweetest little voice but I must admit that sometimes I just want to put my hands over my ears and beg for 2 minutes of quiet. The girl has a lot to say, y'all.

Often she just repeats what you say, which means you better think before you speak around her. She has been known to say way go toopid (way to go stupid) when someone got irritated with a fellow driver, naaaaa (instead of no ma'am or no sir) and doo (dude) - both of those thanks to Daddy - and ah pete say (for pete's sake). If nothing else, she keeps us on our toes!

These are a few others we hear around the house:

Check ee ow (check me out)

See you too-ma-toe (see you tomorrow)

Kawen cwyin - Fwosty mel 'way (Karen's crying - Frosty melted away ... we are obsessed with Frosty the Snowman right now and watch it often. She can also sing the song, which I hope to capture on video soon.)

I fee berry! (I feel better! She had a cold and pink eye and was cutting teeth, so she was constantly being told to take her medicine because it would make her "feel better".)

Yucky sad? Yucky happy? (Lucky sad? Lucky happy? Lucky is her grandparents dog, and we watched him when they went on vacation at the beginning of the summer. She was very concerned about his well-being and still randomly asks about him even though it's been 6 weeks.)

I go up'tay-uhs (I go upstairs - did I mention she's a climber?)

Kick kick phwim phwim (kick kick swim swim - what she says when she wants to go swimming, as well as I phwim in poo, or 'I swim in pool'. She vacillates her pronunciation of 'swim' between hwim and phwim.)

Moosh, MoMo, moosh! (Move, MoMo, move! She just randomly yells this our cat, Cosmo, even when she could easily go around him - probably because Hubby and I have to say this umpteen times a day when Cosmo lays completely across one of the steps whenever we try to go up or down. She also says get out a'way! which is 'get out of the way')

I waat Seeping Boody - or Fwosty - or Tink'abell - or Yady Tamp - Tee Y'il Peeg - Cinee'gweya - Mickey Mouse Cwubhouse (I watch Sleeping Beauty, Frosty, Tinkerbell, Lady and the Tramp, Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - no more Yaya, which makes me a little sad because it was just so cute)

From her carseat behind me on the way home I often hear "Sing, Mommy, sing! Sing Fwosty" or ABC or Tee Y'il Peeg or Jees-ah Yuv Me (Jesus Loves Me)

Daddy, I put-ee on a pitty dwess (Daddy, I put on a pretty dress - she will also tell me that I am wearing a pitty dwess, usually when I'm in a nightgown)

Mommy, hay-ya booful (Mommy, hair beautiful - I usually get this right out of bed when my hair is all over the place ... apparently she likes it that way)

Tee Y'il Peeg 'fray Bee Baa Woof (Three Little Pigs afraid of the Big Bad Wolf - she wants to hear that story all the time, too, and sing the little Disney song "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf". We also hear y'il peeg yet ee in (little pig let me come in) and I huff huff bow house from this story, as well. She's got a good memory, this kid!)

Incidentally, tonight during her bath one of toys banged up against the side of the tub and Maggie stopped, looked at me and asked, "Uz zhat?" I told her it sounded like knocking, was probably one of her toys hitting the tub. She said, "Knocky? Bee Baa Woof knocky? Bee Baa Woof baff?" I assured her that the Big Bad Wolf was not knocking and was not in her bath, but I guess she wasn't taking any chances because she stood right up and said, "Gee ow". I should point out that Maggie loves her bath and has never voluntarily stood up after less than 5 mintues and asked to get out. So, I picked her up and swaddled her in towels. Needless to say, the Three Little Pigs story is off-limits for the foreseeable future. She talks about the BBW alot but I don't want her developing any kind of fear because of that story. When she asked about him on the way home last night, I told her he had gone bye-bye. Let's hope that's enough :)