The Gift Giving has Begun, Though Possibly a Bit Earlier than Usual

So, apparently Hubby and I aren’t very good at keeping Maggie’s Christmas gifts a secret. This could really be a problem as she gets older.

It’s the end of November and so far Maggie has already gotten her “big” item:

A Maggie-size chair. She needs it now, you see, because she loves to read her books and didn’t have a little place of her own to enjoy them. Needs it. We couldn’t possibly wait another 4 weeks. It wouldn’t be fair to us. I mean her. It wouldn’t be fair to her.  *ahem*

Incidentally, she is really enjoying it.

And without the Maggie-size chair, I would not have caught my angel doing this just a few minutes ago:

Yes, my girl reached up and turned off the camera. Smarty pants ;-) She was jumping on the chair after this. How do they think up the idea of doing something that, technically, could give mommy heart failure? The girl is fearless and that terrifies me.

(Oh goody. I just looked over to check on her and Maggie has now climbed from chair #2 to chair #3 and gotten a hold of my cell phone. It’s like ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Chairs’. Hang on … sorry, I had to go rescue my phone because last time she got Hubby’s, she dialed 911. No, I am not kidding.)

Anyway, I’m hoping to get her talking on video soon because y’all, the girl talks all. the. time. This time around she was distracted by The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on TV, and who can blame her, it’s certainly a favorite of mine, but I want you to hear her sweet little voice. You can’t help but smile when you hear it.

Until then ,,, hope y’all have a blessed Advent!

**Updated** The girl fell and went boom about 10 minutes after this post was ready. Apparently Mommy potty breaks will have company until a certain Doodle learns not to climb on the rocking chairs. Lovely. :-)