Simple Fun

We had dinner at Red Robin when we were on vacation.

(Riveting information, I know.)

Anyway, I never get to go there because most of my family aren’t big fans, but I love their bruschetta chicken burger and convinced Hubby to eat there one evening for dinner.

Maggie, of course, had a grand time. What’s better than being handed a pack of crayons and munching on fries? For this girl, not much :) This is the face of a happy french fry stealer:

2010_09 078

Me and Mini-Me:

2010_09 080

Of course, as we were leaving, Maggie was given a balloon. This was the first time she had been given a balloon at a restaurant and she was tickled pink (though she got an orange one because it is her favorite color).

She had it for approximately 4 minutes, but as Hubby said, it was a glorious 4 minutes.
 2010_09 082  
She ran with it, grinning the whole time. The Doodle had a fantastic time with that balloon! As an adult, sometimes I forget that such simple things can bring such joy. Kids are a good reminder of that.

2010_09 084

Unfortunately, the balloon must not have been tied to the string very well because when we went to get in the car, it floated away from us leaving the string tied to her wrist. Luckily, she’s an easy going little kid, and was not fazed by the sudden disappearance of her newest fun.

Maggie had a grand ole time with that balloon while she had it, then easily let it go when it was over.

And that is how you enjoy life, my friends.