Camera Demise is No Fun

So, my camera is officially unusable. Totally hacks me off.

Basically, whenever I take a picture now, there is a big ole blurry circle in the bottom-middle of the picture. I have been semi-expecting something along those lines since Maggie's 1st birthday party when my niece jumped to catch the little cake Maggie was pushing off her table and had my camera in her hand, thereby coating the open lens and all with pink frosting, but I will admit to being super hopeful that it since we'd made it this long nothing would happen. I was wrong. And because it's a little Nikon Coolpix from 2004, I may as well replace it. Fixing the lens just seems a silly waste of money.

However, our family has a "no buying stuff for yourself" rule from about October 1st through Christmas, so I have to wait and hope. My mom has been generous enough to share her camera with me, but it's a learning curve and I don't know yet how to adjust her settings, so hopefully the pictures come out okay.

This one is from my cell phone:


Whenever she comes to my work, Maggie wants my Ya-ya (Mickey Mouse) pen. Why she has the doorstop is anyone’s guess. She’s such a funny girl :)