5QF: 10.08.10

I forgot to tell y'all that Maggie had her 18 month check-up on Wednesday (can you believe she's a year and half already?!) She weighs 22.5 lbs and is 31.25 inches tall. The girl has got some legs on her! She only gained a half a pound since her last appointment, but that is apparently normal once kids start walking and burning off kinds of energy. The Doodle is in the 25th percentile for her weight, and the 30th for height, so she's doing extremely well for a preemie. Which we already knew :)

Now, on to our regular Friday feature:

1. What do you listen to while driving?  Depends. Most mornings I actually prefer silence because, well, it's early and I'm not a morning person. After work on my way to pick up Maggie, I usually have the dial tuned to the local talk radio show (I know! I blame Hubby.) When I have Maggie in the car, it's KLOVE or the oldies station. Gotta fill the girl's ears with goodness :)

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?  The fact that we don't have one here in Arizona. *sigh* I miss fall.

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?  Two stories with a wrap around porch, painted a warm yellow, dark green trim and a red door (and to complete the hobbit look, a doorknob in the middle of the door - I kid! Sorta). A porch swing and rocking chairs. Old hardwood floors. A kitchen with lots of counter space. Big front and back yards (or just horse property). Crown molding. Flat walls (I detest textured walls and that is all I see here in AZ.) A formal dining room. A small library/reading room. I can't wait to live there.

4. Would you ever own a minivan?  I have always said a very emphatic 'NO'. However, I have to admit that the new minivan we got at work is AWESOME. It's all that room!! It would sure make our California road trip easier, though the cool points would definitely plummet.

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?  Sometimes. For Maggie, yes. For me, it depends on the wrinkley-ness of the item and how quickly I want to wear it.