Maggie’s Fishy Day

The main event for our California trip this year was the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in La Jolla. Maggie loves fish so Hubby and I were excited to take her to this super-cool aquarium.

Nana and Papaw came to California for a couple of days so they could experience it with her. They are her original fish folks, after all.

Unfortunately, Maggie wasn’t feeling the best. She is currently teething, and also had a little cold at the time, so she was very stuffy. That did not stop her from running around, though.

That was her favorite part of the aquarium, by the way. All the running around.

2010_09 006

We were able to wrangle her for a family photo op.

2010_09 016

The kelp forest was a favorite feature and was where she did most of her running and climbing. They had two guys cleaning the inside of the tank, so that was fun to watch. You can see them in the scuba gear.

2010_09 017

 2010_09 018

 2010_09 019

 2010_09 028

 2010_09 030

Playing with the faux starfish and sitting sweetly so Mommy can take a picture.

2010_09 036

2010_09 039

Having fun inside Jaws.

2010_09 044

In the shark cage with Daddy.

2010_09 047

After the aquarium, we spent some time at the beach with Nana and Papaw.

2010_09 050

2010_09 051

2010_09 056 

Maggie capped the day off with a taste of her first cannoli.

And yes, the girl really liked it.