Maggie’s Day at the Beach

Every year, Hubby and I go to Oceanside, California, where his Aunt Jan and family graciously put us up for a week, thereby allowing Hubby to wallow in all the beachyness he can possibly handle.

The boy was born in the wrong state, y’all, no lie.

We were especially looking forward to this year’s trip because, while not technically Maggie’s first trip to the beach, this year she was old enough to do more than sleep in a sling while Mommy sat in a chair and read a book.

So, we lathered up the girl with sunscreen and donned her swimsuit, cover-up and sandals. (Going to the beach is, after all, about the fashion.)

2010_08 100

Things started off well. Maggie enjoyed the sand immensely. Much sand-flinging and bucket-dragging ensued upon our arrival.

 2010_08 102

 2010_08 103

 2010_08 104

She also liked walking along the hard-packed sand near the water’s edge.

 2010_08 106

 2010_08 108

The Doodle was less than thrilled with the water itself, however.

2010_08 110

Here’s the up-close reaction.

2010_08 107

It was likely the sub-zero water temperature. That’s exaggerating a bit, but dang, that water was C.O.L.D. I would have cried, too, but I like to keep myself out of salt water if at all possible.

All was happiness and love again, though, once we got away from the ocean and back to the business of digging, digging, digging.

      2010_08 113

 2010_08 114

Burying Mommy’s foot takes a lot of concentration. I would like to note that she scooped less sand on me than she banged my foot with the rough plastic edge of that funnel. Not that I’m complaining about the pain or anything :) 2010_08 115 

 2010_08 117

 2010_08 118

All in all, a good day for the Doodle.

If only I could pull off a ruffle-bummed yellow swimsuit so well.