Water Baby

Hubby’s band had a gig Friday night at Tempe Marketplace, so Maggie finally got to see her Daddy perform. With the exception of church, Hubby’s usual venue is a bar of some sort and Maggie doesn’t yet have the proper ID to enter those establishments. Not to mention the fact that bedtime for Maggie is usually when the show starts for Hubby, and really, she’s just not that sociable when tired and in need of milk.

The fun thing about the gig on Friday was the splash pad. I had never been to one – so of course, neither had Maggie. It took her a few minutes to warm up to it, but I think she enjoyed herself.

It was also nice because dang … it was muggy, and that water felt good. All that were missing were mosquitos and lightning bugs to make it an Alabama evening.

All in all, I think the girl had a good time. And so did I … though I think the flashing lights around the water may have damaged my retinas.

(video courtesy of Grandma Webb)