A New Non-Issue

Do y'all remember me telling you that Maggie doesn't like grass? She didn't want to stand or sit in it, and if you got her near it, she would try to scale you like King Kong on the Empire State Building. The only time we were ever able to get her on grass without all the drama was at her birthday party in April, and I think she did it only because Jack, Norah and Hailey were all on the grass and were surviving just fine. Heck, they were having fun!

Apparently peer pressure works from a young age.

Anyway ... it's never been an issue with Hubby or me, really, and we just figured it's grass, she'll get over it. And apparently, she has.

While grass to Maggie was like kryptonite to Superman, she can now walk about it without crying or trying to climb the nearest adult like a rock wall.

This video shows when Maggie first got on the grass the other evening. She just stood there or turned in a circle, but we didn't have drama and it was deemed a successful venture. Later, though, she was pulling Grandma outside to go look at the flowers ... the flowers she voluntarily crossed grass to get to.

The things we celebrate as parents ... she makes our lives so fun :)