This 'n' That

Hubby and I started our summer ritual last month – we watch The Closer together on Monday nights. We don’t have much TV that we really watch – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the golf and food channels seem to be flickering most frequently – but we look forward to The Closer each summer, and have since the beginning of the series.

We both like trying to figure out the who’s and whats and whys of the case each week. Plus, we are constantly in awe of Fritz’s patience with Brenda.

Is it sad that we discuss a fictional character’s relationship with his flaky, work-centered (but talented) wife? And that I thought enough to add those modifiers when describing said wife?

I think we may need a hobby.

We are in vacation countdown mode here. In a little less than 2 weeks, we’ll be leaving on our yearly trip to California. Hubby has had to go one whole year without seeing the beach since we’ve been married, and it wasn’t fun for him. The boy needs the ocean! So, off we go.

Me? Eh. The weather is great and I always enjoy the non-beach stuff we do, and Hubby has family there we enjoy spending time with. I do very much love the sounds of the ocean and sitting on the beach with a book, but I have to be honest: dealing with sunscreen and sand is not my cup of tea. In addition, this year I will have a toddler, which means I will actually have to get wet (I’m a beach-sitter not an ocean-swimmer). We go in the mornings, so we can get it over with shower and clean-up for the day’s activities and not be all gritty and gross, but if I didn’t go to the beach, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

Hubby might go into shock, but I would be okay.

Plus – and I know this is the worrier in me coming out – I constantly have to check on where Hubby is when he’s in the water because I'M TERRIFIED HE'LL BE EATEN BY A SHARK. Shark Week was on the Discovery Channel last week, which has only served to increase my fear.

Irrational? Perhaps. He, of course, thinks I’m nuts.

I just hope a shark doesn’t decide to prove him wrong.

The temperature here will be back up to 110 by Thursday. I never thought I would utter these words, but I will be glad when the temp is consistently under 100. Who am I kidding? I want to have 60 degree days again. Come oooooon, Winter!

I have been on an Oldies kick lately with regards to my music preference at work. Pandora has thrown out some fantastic tunes for this genre: Jackson 5, The Four Tops, The Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder (a personal fave), The Temptations … great stuff!

Maggie said "kiss" yesterday. According to Nana. Mommy and Daddy have not yet heard her say it because The Doodle is not a performer and just smiles when you ask her to say something. Sometimes I think there is an awful lot going on inside that noggin' of hers but she just can't be bothered to actually say any of it. Stinker.

Okay, I’m off to work now. I will leave you with this quote:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye. ~Miss Piggy