Happy Monday, Y'all

Well, I spent most of the weekend working on Christmas gifts. I try to start this early (or earlier) every year - I find it easier to spread the expense over a few months instead of cramming it all into November.

So, I have Christmas on the brain. I'm not the only one, though - we went to lunch at Cracker Barrell yesterday after Mass, and they had Halloween and Christmas froos-froos out already. Egad.

Maggie's sleep was all off this weekend. She is usually an 8:30am to 9am waker-upper ... and yes, Hubby and I realize and appreciate how lucky we are. Saturday she woke up around 8am, which isn't so bad, but Sunday morning she was sitting up in her bed at 7:10am. She refused to take a morning nap (which means we had an active Mass) and didn't eat much lunch, probably due to the overwhelming need for sleep. She finally took a 2 hour nap after being up for 7 hours straight. I finally put her down for the night at about 8:45pm (a full hour before she would normally go down) because she was stumbling around. At one point she laid down on her blanky amidst her toys and I thought, that's it, she's done, only to see her pop up less than a minute later to continue playing. I don't know why kids fight sleep so much. As an adult, I would love to get back all the naps and bedtimes I missed.

The Doodle has really started to enjoy the swimming pool. She'll jump to us from the steps and kick her feet and even get in her floaty, which is a great improvement over how we started the summer. She loves to chase the chlorine duck, too. That's her newest word - duck.

She's so stinkin' cute I could just gobble her up!

Happy Monday, y'all,