Oh My Word, Is It Really 2010?

Wow, y'all.

We have some catching up to do.

In case you haven't noticed, I have been in absentia for the past couple of weeks in the blog world. For the 4 of you that missed me ... I'm baaaack! haha!

Lots of time off work with my little girl, plus sickness ran through our home the week before Christmas, and I had some dental work done, so I've been busy (or down, as The Cold dictated) and I just enjoyed being disconnected for a bit. But now it's time to catch up.

So, here we go ...

Maggie's first Christmas was sweet, if a bit overwhelming for our Doodle. Too many people, too many gifts, just too! too! too! She was not interested in unwrapping gifts, nor in the boxes, nor even in most of the presents themselves! Again, just too! too! too! It was fun, though, and we totally enjoyed it on her behalf :)

(As you can tell, we are sitting up really well! She still falls over backwards when looking or reaching for something, otherwise she is doing such a good job.)

Her favorite items were the little rocking horse that her Papaw Donatelli gave her, and the turtle off the top of a bath toy. She spent most of that afternoon and the next few days chewing on that turtle!

Maggie has been rolling all over for a while now, and you'll remember that she's also become an accomplished scooter, but now ... oh now ... We. Want. To. Crawl! She will get up on her hands and knees, rock back and forth, then slewp! those legs go down and backwards she goes. Which does not make her the happiest of campers since whatever (turtle!) was in front of her at the time and is now further away. Let's just say she gets a little testy when that happens :)

I'm thinking our cats are going to be Maggie's real motivation for crawling. The way she eyeballs them when they walk by ... ooooo, they are in for it! She loves to 'pet' them, and I use that term lightly - haha! We don't let her get rough with them, and are trying to teach to be soft and gentle with them, but our poor Cosmo ... he's so starved for attention that he will sit on Hubby's lap while he has Maggie and let her rub and pull on him all she wants. I never expected Cosmo would be so patient with our daughter - I gotta give him kudos!

We had a nasty cold visit our home 2 weeks before Christmas. First Maggie, then Hubby, and finally, me - the week of Christmas! Between that and the 2 days of dental visits that week, it was less a vacation and more like taking sick leave. Blagh! It hit Hubby and me much harder than Maggie, for which I'm thankful. Everyone is now completely recovered and ready for an illness-free 2010 :)
We had Christmas pictures made this year and I've been wanting to share them for weeks, but had to hold on to them because we were giving them as gifts and didn't want the grandparents to know. So now I can share our girl's sweet pictures ... finally!

We took Maggie to see the Zoolights this year. This was my first year seeing them, as well, and I really enjoyed it. There were so many lights!! It's hard to take pictures of lights but here is one anyway.


We didn't ring in the New Year. Hubby relatives, The Pecks, were in town, so we spent time with them before heading home to feed the Doodle and get her to bed by 9:30pm. Hubby and I both went up together around 10:30pm-ish. What can I say ... we sure know how to party!

I do hope everyone had a blessed and happy Christmas. And I hope Jesus was right smack in the middle of all the fun and family and fellowship :) Happy New Year and God Bless!