I Hate Shopping ... Except When I Buy Things For My Baby Girl

It's becoming an illness, I think.

I don't shop for myself unless I have to. Have to. (Hubby bought me jeans for Christmas because I've been complaining about needing more for months on end without actually doing anything to rectify the issue.)

However, apparently I can drop a Trump-size amount when it comes to Maggie. Not that I have the dough to spend, but oooo, sometimes what I have found is just too stinkin' cute to pass up!

Girls are so fun to shop for!

My newest find is a sweet little Etsy shop named Cranberries and Capers. These are a few of my favorite items:

(We need this because Maggie has begun projectile spitting the binky when she's tired ... like in church where it then hits people either in front or back of your pew ... good times!)

(because Valentine's Day is right around the corner)

Happy Shopping!