WAR EAGLE: Show Us Your Life 10.09.09

This week's Kelly's Korner carnival theme is "Favorite Team", and really people, is there any question as to who my choice will be?

Um, no. No there is not :)

And in honor of my beloved Auburn Tigers, I give you our fight song:

I am woefully behind on replacing my Auburn gear. Maggie has more than I do! I don't even have a t-shirt or sweatshirt anymore that is acceptable to wear in public. I know. It's just so hard when I have to order things instead of popping into a collegiate store. I have 2 jackets but let's face it, I live in Arizona. Jackets aren't always necessary during football season. I do plan to stock up the next time I go home, though. And you can find EVERYTHING in your team colors now ... seriously, check out ...

... this purse:

... iPhone case:

... plastic cultery:

... baby toy (that, um, yeah, we may have to get):

... light-up spirit badge:

And my personal favorite ...

... because who doesn't look good in blue and orange eyeshadow?

It's interesting. With the exception of about 3 years in Texas when I was in early elementary school, I lived in Alabama my whole life until moving to Arizona when I was 24. So I was completely indoctrinated in the 'Auburn/Alabama' issue. The issue being, of course, that you MUST CHOOSE. Period. There shall be no in-betweens. And everyone in Alabama gets that. Parents have missed their own children's weddings that were *gasp* scheduled during football season (I purposefully scheduled our wedding for after the AU/AL game ... really). A mixed marriage in AL is when one spouse is an Auburn fan and the other roots for Alabama (poor thing). I'm not even exaggerating! I can speculate that most other SEC states experience something along those lines with regards to their college football arch-rivals. And y'all, it is part of what makes SEC football so dadgummed fun!!

Which is why living in Arizona is kind of ho-hum for me when football season rolls around. Folks here just aren't as 'into' it as a state as they are in the South.

There are no tricked-out, team-colored-custom-paint-jobbed conversion vans rolling around town. There is no Friday driving home from work listening to the fight songs on the radio. No "Favorite Calls of the Game" replays on the radio. No "Wear Your College Colors To Work Fridays". No Monday morning recaps with your friends or co-workers. No general air of anticipation, of fun and excitement.

It kinda sucks.

But, I'm doing what I can to make the best of it. The networks could help out by showing every SEC game played but they don't seem to want to help out much there since I live in Pac-10 world. Heck, I would settle for seeing every Auburn game played but beggars can't be choosers, so every Saturday morning, while Maggie and I snuggle up while she drinks her bottle, I scan the tv schedule for that day to determine which games are on when, so as to be as prepared as possible.

It's an addiction. But's it's so much fun :)

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