An Uncommon Occurrence

So, an interesting and almost unbelievable thing happened at the McDonald's today.

You may want to sit down.

The Drive-Thru Window Person was totally nice.

AND spoke English.

AND was a teenager!!

I mean, it should have been like hitting the trifecta of disinterested-worker-ness, but it was so the opposite. I almost didn't know how to react! I'm so used to having food shoved through my car window and nothing being said while trying to remember to ask for ketchup 'cause why in the world would they offer it, that I was thrown totally off-guard by this kid today. He was completely pleasant and even smiled, offered ketchup (and sauces which I didn't even need because no nuggets in my order!), and had manners he actually used.

Did hell freeze over? Are pigs flyin' in the skies in your area?

I'll tell ya, I just wanted to hug this boy and thank him for being Mr. Polite, but the shock of it all paralyzed my tongue and, really, I think I just nodded at him.

(Probably with my mouth hanging open.)

(Which is such a good look for me, I'm sure.)

It's a bit sad that something like a McD's employee being courteous is noteworthy in my day.

Counting down the hours until it's time to pick up my Magpie ...

(You didn't think I'd go a whole post without mentioning my child, did you?!)