Helping Out Around The House

To be so small, Maggie sure likes to be in the thick of things! And we've found the perfect solution - the high chair!!

Inevitably, whenever there's something we really want to get done ... like, oh, fixing dinner so we don't starve to death ...

... or doing laundry so we aren't frowned upon at work for showing up in boxers and tube socks ...

... Maggie feels the need to be a part of it. Normally, one of us would hold her and the other would continue along solo with whatever project we were in the middle of at the time. And then it hit us - her high chair reclines!!


Now, Maggie chills out in her super-cool high chair while Mommy and Daddy actually get things done around the house so as not to draw the ire of our kitties. (Though really, we receive disdain from them on a daily basis, so we're used to it by now.)

Apparently, though, all of that work just tuckers out our little girl :)