15 Down, 25 to Go

We had a regular OB appointment this morning. Well, as regular as it can be with a perinatology group :)

I'm glad to say, so far, so good. Everything is checking out well - bp is good and controlled; all baseline tests I've had over the past month or so have all come back normal; Peanut's heartbeat is strong at 145 bpm; no issues to report on my end - all in all, the boring pregnancy I want. Ya know, except for having to stab myself with a stick twice a day :)

We did talk with the doctor today about incompetent cervix, which was an issue Dr. Elliot indicated when he cared for me in the hospital in April. Due to all that transpired then, it is something they will keep a close eye on over the next couple of months. I will have a baseline ultrasound next week, then weekly monitoring until our 24th week. We were told incompetent cervix usually presents between the 18th and 24th week, so if nothing shows by the 24th week - even though they'll continue to monitor (just less often) - then it'll be one less thing to worry about. If, however, any cervical changes are seen, then we talk about how best to proceed to keep this pregnancy safe (bed rest or cerclage or whatever else they may suggest). According to the doc, since they can't know if the chicken or the egg came first (meaning, in April, did the contractions cause the cervix to open, or vice versa) everything will be under scrutiny until it doesn't need to be. Better to have too much monitoring than not enough.

I know we wouldn't be with these docs unless we needed them, so I'm trying not get too worried and just take things as they come. "Don't worry until there's something to worry about" - my new motto. At least, I'm trying to adopt it as such...work in progress and all that :)