Ultrasound Testing - Round 1

We had our first trimester screening ultrasound this morning. All good news - yea, God!

Basically, because of my age at the time of delivery (35!), I'm in a higher risk bracket for chromosomal disorders (Down's Syndrome or Trisomy 18/13), so they did some blood work last week and the ultrasound today. The doc compared the two and told me that, instead of having the risk-factor age of a 35 year-old, I have the risk-factor age of a 20 year-old, so woo-hoo!! One less thing to worry about :)

It was kinda funny today, watching the tech trying to get the needed pics of our babe. She got all but the last one, and was trying to cojole our kiddo into flexing backward from his/her curled position, so Peanut's neck would be exposed well for the measurement. She jiggled my belly (which, btw, is already growing), she made me take a deep breath and cough, then had me lay on my side. Nothing was buggin' that babe. Peanut was completely content to sit right where he/she was, and nothing we were doing would persuade him/her otherwise (could be that Crossley stubborn streak coming out...which I do not have, for the record...ahem). Anyway, Jorde's alarm went off, reminding him he had to leave to open the store, so he and I chatted for a minute and said goodbye, and not 10 seconds after he walked out the door, Peanut started squirming! Maybe when the room was quiet and we were all quiet, just enjoying seeing him/her on the screen, Peanut figured it was quiet time, but once he/she heard daddy and mommy talking, it was party time! So, in the end, the tech got the pic :)

And...here's Peanut's first picture:

(Just in case a little guidance is needed: Peanut's head is on the right (you can see his/her nose pokin' up), the white spot floating above the middle is a hand (Peanut's waving...what can I say, he/she's social), then his/her little body curves around the bottom to the left, with legs and feet barely visible high on the left.

So, there ya go. So far, so good. Thank you all so so so much for praying for our little one. This will be one blessed little kid, and everyone can say they were co-participants in this miracle :)

Until next time...