Being "Super" Isn't Always So Good

We had our follow-up doctor's appointment with our perinatologist group this morning to go over my lab results. First, I just have to say that, while nice enough, the doctor we saw this morning wasn't the one I expected to see (I thought we were meeting with Dr. Spence, whom we like very much), and he had zero knowledge of my file. The nurse that called to schedule this follow-up apparently thought I was still pregnant - and that would be the info the doctor was laboring under as well until we corrected that assumption. So that was a little awkward.

I actually have a copy of my lab results, and if I could understand it in any way, I'd tell y'all everything it says. However, it's written in lab language and makes no sense - it would totally fail an English composition test. Well, at least one that I graded.

So, the dumbed-down version is this: I have a gene mutation that makes me a super clotter.

(Everyone likes to hear they have a gene mutation, don't they? For some reason, it brings to mind that rat-thing from the old Quizno's commercials - you know, the scary-looking, singing hamster-like creature that made me never want to eat there? Maybe it's just me.)

Anyway, from an obstetrics stand, this is bad because it causes blood clots to form - they will prevent full attachment of the placenta, which in turn prevents enough oxygen from getting through to the baby, causing all manner of problems and complications, including placental abruption. This is what happened to us in April, and is what Dr. Spence suspected when we originally met with her after Samantha's birth. So, next time around, when we are pregnant again and have our first OB appointment, they are going to start me on lovenox, which is a type of anti-coagulation medicine. I will have to give myself shots twice a day - or Jorde will. The more I think about it, the more I think that will be his job. Until then, I will also be taking baby aspirin every morning - I'm starting to feel like a human pharmacy, with all the medicine and vitamins I take on a daily basis. Although the doc said that my husband, himself, and most of the population should be taking baby aspirin, so it's not so much that it's just me.

Of course, I'll be sharing that info with my primary doc, just so she's aware. Even though the doc said it's nothing to worry about right now, by the time I'm 60-ish it will be, since it lends itself to heart attacks and strokes. Lucky me, right? But, at least we know now before it's a real health issue.

Of course, my chronic high blood pressure does nothing to help any of this.

Fer cryin' out loud. It's times like this it doesn't pay to be a Crossley - my mom's family genetics have apparently dumped all over me, because all of this is reminiscent of her parents and siblings. But, better to know than not, I suppose.

However, on the upside - the test results also indicate that I am eating well, which is something I've never been told, so yeah for that!

Plus, we now have a game plan for baby #3. That's encouraging - and a bit stress-relieving, I must admit.

So, I think that's everything. I'm actually upbeat about all this, despite any sarcasm you may have detected in this post ;) At least we have answers, and that can only help us as we try again for a little Webb-let. Which we've been given the green light to try for now - no waiting 'til October for us!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We couldn't have gotten through these past months without you. God has blessed us abundantly with and through each of you. We love you guys.