Maggie Says Her Prayers

When we were getting ready for prayers tonight, I was explaining to Maggie that praying is how we talk to Jesus, to which she responded, "I wanna talk ta Jesus."

This was her all-by-herself prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you ... (mumble mumble) ... thank you for my fam-uh-ly, and for bwingin' my bed to my woom. My big girl bed. And, uh, Jesus, Mommy doesn't like me to, wants me to go up da stairs like I s'pose to but Daddy doesn't care if I mess around. Thank you for Kirwah 'n' Kaylen ... (whispering in my ear) Mom, I forgot to make Kirwah & Kaylen a cawd ...

It was at this point Maggie lost her momentum and had to be led to the 'amen'. While saying her prayer, she was laying in her bed, feet in the air, swaying them back and forth with Blanky (which, by the way, has recently become known as Sweet Blanky). All I could do was smile :)