Little Lambs Preschool Nativity Play

Maggie's preschool had their Nativity Play this morning. Let's just say we didn't have the most cooperative little lamb participating.

 We are learning that, although our Doodlebug loves to sing, she is not a fan of being up in front of people.

(She thinks when people smile and laugh and clap, they are laughing at her. She actually said this to me. I've been working on changing her understanding of that, but I'm not sure she's convinced.)

So today, she sat on stage, sang two of the 8 or so songs in the program, and generally lolled around, laying back on her elbows and looking at all the other kids in their costumes.

When she came down from the stage after the show, she hugged my legs and fakey-cried. After asking her what was wrong, Maggie said "I don't yike da stage."


What do I say to that? We praised her for just being up there, and reminded her she wasn't alone but rather, was with all her school friends, and that her teacher was right in front of her, helping them sing, just like in class. She was less than impressed with our praise which isn't good because she will have to do it all over again this coming Thursday.

My Mother-in-law tells me Jorde had the same issue as a child (severe stage fright) so I am in hopes that Maggie, too, will learn to overcome.

As I was leaving, Maggie's teacher shared with me that she didn't know that Maggie could sing because she never sings at school. Then, just this past week, Maggie started singing one of their songs in class, on pitch and with all the words, shocking and delighting her teacher. If I've learned one thing about my girl, it's this: Maggie does things in her own time and way, and it is not necessarily when you want or need her to.

Apparently, I'm raising the girl-version of my husband :)

Maggie and Grace
On their way to Nana's after the program, Jorde asked Maggie why she only sang 2 songs at the program. Her reply: I don't yike doe's udder songs. So, there ya go.