Maggie Says

Here are a few of the cute things that come out of my girl's mouth :)

I don't need extra sweep. Yes, I don't! I have yots of injury! (she always says 'injury' for 'energy', no matter how many times we have corrected her pronunciation)

I yike candy, Mom, do I? (she means 'don't I')

From the backseat on our way home, this is the question I was asked: What did guide Santa's sleigh? E) a ostrwich, O) a whale, or E) a waindeer?

Mommy, why are you wearing up-shoes? (that's what she calls my high heels) or I don't want to wear my up-shirt / up-pants (short-sleeved shirt or shorts)

After getting a 'yes' from Daddy when she asked if they could go swimming, Maggie exclaimed, I'm looking up to this!