Maggie Says

My husband tans like nobody I know. He walks outside and the sun smiles upon him so it's not surprising that he is already a dark golden shade in early April. When he went in to get Maggie one recent morning, she noticed his darkened skin.

Her room is shaded so things look darker even with the sunlight filtering through the blinds and curtains, and apparently Jorde's changing appearance puzzled Maggie. She asked him, Daddy, what wong wit'choo hands? Are you b'yack?


Maggie has been very interested in golf the past few months and Jorde loves it. About a week ago, he took Maggie to the golf store and let her pick out a grip (hot pink), cut down an old putter, and made a Maggie-sized golf club for her. She was thrilled!

Jorde showed her how to hold the club and she is really good at that. Last night he was showing her how to not just swing forward, but to swing back, then forward (he called it 'swinging through', Maggie called it 'back n forth').

She was getting the hang of it when one of our kitties, Chloe, laid down right in front of her, rolling around on her back and begging for some lovin'. Maggie was indignant, and sweeping her foot toward Chloe, said Hey, move! I twyin ta gowlf!

Incidentally, her favorite target is our other kitty, Cosmo. He loves to play with the golf balls, so I suppose as long as her putts lack strength and speed, him being a target suits them both well :)


Maggie learned a new children's church song:

Da B-I-B-I-B, dats a book fuh me
A 'tand ayone, a word a God, a B-I-B-I-B

Another favorite is Jesus Loves the Little Children, but her version ends with Jesus loves the little children of the Lord, not world. It's really cute. When Hubby or I have corrected her, or have sung it correctly, she then corrects us, No, Daddy, yike dis: 'Jesus loves the yittle childwen of the Looord'.

Not to brag too much about my lovely child, but I have to tell y'all: she is CRAZY good at remembering words and melodies. Hubby is hoping she becomes a singing drummer :)


My girl has begun practicing the art of persuasive conversation. Her favorite word when trying to talk me or Jorde into something? Just.

Mommy, I can haf a snack? I wan' da yogu't waisins.
Not right now, honey, dinner is almost ready.
But, I can, I can, I wan'da have jus one, Mommy, jus one (using her sweetest voice and holding up her finger so I understand 'just one').

She employs this same wheedling technique when told it's time for bed or time to leave a grandparent's house by saying, Can i pway for jus' one more minute? Jus' ONE minute ... pwease?

Or like this:

Daddy, I wan'da go to da paw'eek.
Sorry girl, not today, it's too hot outside.
But I jus wan'da go fuh a yittle bit (using her thumb and index finger to indicate 'yittle bit')


Mommy, I sweepy. I nee' da go da bed, and when I waked up in da mowrnin, I jus wan'da go to Nowah's house. (She always wants to go to Norah's!)


Lately, when the answer continues to be 'no' or 'later', she throws either (1) what she is holding, or (2) herself onto the floor and pouts, which begins a whole other conversation about feelings and how to express them. Good times :)