Maggie's Milk

My mom helped a neighbor yesterday by watching a 14 month-old girl for most of the day, until the grandmother picked her up. Maggie loved having a baby around, although she wasn't too keen on sharing Nana's lap.

When I picked her up from my mom's after work, Maggie told me she "help taked care of a baby". I asked if she had fun and she replied, "Yeah. She twied to take my milk."

Note that the baby did not actually get the milk, but that seems to be the one thing Maggie remembers about the little girl. It was the first thing she told Jorde about when we got home, she repeated it to me a couple of times on the way home, and she had been telling my mom about it all afternoon.

So, fair warning: do not try to take Maggie's milk! She will neeeeever forget it :)