Maggie Words

Recent conversations with our Doodlebug:

I want'a go out-sigh'eed and to see da fauck.
Um, what honey?
I want'a see da fauck.
I'm sorry, Maggie. Mommy didn't understand you. Can you say it again?
I want'a see da fauck.
To see the what?
The fauck.
The ... duck?
No, da fauck.
The ... fauck?
What does the fauck do, Maggie?
It f'yies.
Flies? Do you mean a hawk?
Yeah! A fauck!
Oooooh. Honey, can you say this, please? Huh-huh-hawk.
That's a girl. Pronounce that 'h', Bug.


We've been having some issue with the girl not wanting to poop on the potty. While at Grandma's over the weekend, she did it in her panties before anyone could catch her. Grandma graciously cleaned Maggie up and got her clean panties to wear. When Grandpa asked what happened, Maggie told him it was a ball'a poop. We tried not to laugh right out loud ... some of us weren't successful.


Maggie and Grandma were playing with the princesses, with Maggie being Cinderella and Grandma playing the Prince. When the Prince asked Cinderella to dance at the ball, Cinderella told him no, because I can't dance with da Pwince until I o'der.


Every night at bedtime, after teeth brushing and foot washing, book reading, rocking and prayers, Maggie turns on the little floor fan in her room. Each time this past week, when she turns around and stands up from switching the fan on, she comes over to me with one of her hands cupped and whispers I got air in my hand, with the most excited, awe-struck smile on her face. She takes her palm full of air to bed with her, and we are very careful when I cover her up. Her imagination makes me smile :)


Jorde has Mondays off and that is his day to spend with Maggie. Today when he asked her what she wanted to do, Maggie told I want'a go to da go'eef stow'ey. She likes to whack da bawl. He's getting her addicted at a young age :)


Last night while I ran into grocery store for a few things, Maggie and Jorde waited for me in the car. Jorde got a whiff of something and, turning to Maggie in the backseat, had this conversation:

Maggie, did you poopy in your panties?
Did you toot?
Of course I did!
Well, what do you say when you toot?


Random colloquy from the backseat: Mom, when I woked up and Daddy comed in my woom, I said "pee-yew!". Daddy was stinky because he need to taked a shower. Later, when Jorde asked if Maggie wanted to take a shower, too, she replied, I don't taked a shower because I love baths.


Maggie was peaking in the room where Grandma was hiding eggs (it's not just an Easter thing for her) and Jorde called her back, saying, "You can't go in there! You're cheating!"

To which Maggie replied I not cheatin because I Mawgwet Gwace Webb.