I Go Twick-a-Tweatin'!

Maggie is an official fan of Halloween.

Her biggest excitement leading up to the day was getting to wear her Cinderella dress. My mom made it for her, and after Maggie had a heartbreaking little cry after being fitted and then made to take it off (due to the fact is wasn't finished and had a few pins in it), we made sure to keep it hidden until I took it home with us Friday afternoon.

Doodlebug tried to convince me all weekend to let her wear the costume, even pushing my arms away when I was trying to dress her Saturday morning, saying, "No, mommy, no. I wear Cindy-gweyee dwess. I pincess." I agreed that she is, indeed, a princess, but that we needed to save her special dress for Halloween, to which I received a bowed head and muted, "Oh. Okay," in reply. (I admit, she kind of made me feel like a mean mommy at that moment but I didn't want her costume to get messed up by hard playing or the cats that currently claim our domicile as their own private kingdom.)

Finally, Halloween arrived, and once Maggie was in her dress, she twirled and posed to her heart's content. Actually, that's not exactly true. When I was putting my camera away after taking (a bajillion) pictures of her, she said to me, "Mommy, Mommy! Takey pic-tur a Maggie!" My girl can be a bit of a show-off when it comes to her pretty dresses :)

We all went to my parents' home for chili, cornbread and trick-or-treating. As went walked with Maggie to the first couple of houses, you could see the wheels in her head turning as she was figuring out this whole Halloween thing. For her it basically boiled down to this: I get to dress up like my favorite princess AND people give me candy. This holiday rocks!

Once she got the hang of it, all we heard was "I go twick-a-tweating" and "I get tweats". Of course, after we were back at the house, she wanted to eat the tweats. She had that daggum treat bag every time I turned around. The girl's reach is long, y'all. Tabletops are no longer off-limits to a tippy-toed pincess on the hunt for tweats.

All in all, a fun day for everyone, especially the Doodle, I mean, I'm sorry, Cindy-gweyee.

By her permission, you may also call her Princess Maggie.

P.S. When Hubby dropped Maggie off at my mom's this morning, the first thing she said was, "Nana, I go twick-a-tweatin'!" The girl was all ready to do it again!