Talking in Circles

This is a frequent conversation in our home. Actually, I think this conversation occurs most often in the car, as we are nearing a certain intersection on the way home each evening ... I declare, Maggie knows where her friends live!

Maggie: Baby Gay-bee-uhl?

Me: Gabriel's not here right now, honey.

Maggie: Home?

Me: Yes, he's at home.

Maggie: Home Mommy?

Me: Yes, he's home with his mommy.

Maggie: Miss Ow-ee.

Me: That's right, Gabriel's mommy is Ms. Ali.

Maggie: Daddy?

Me: I'm sure his daddy's home, too.

Maggie: Daddy? (she thinks a minute) Missy Jaa-ee?

Me: Yep, his daddy is Mr. Johnny.

Maggie: Jack! (always with enthusiasm) Pay Jack! (play with Jack - it's a demand, not a request)

Me: Jack is home with Gabriel, honey.

Maggie: Baby Gay-bee-uhl?

...and thus the cycle begins again. We'll have this same basic conversation about 3 times before she gives up her hopes of seeing them. She will randomly ask for her other friends - Ty and Norry being the most frequently mentioned - but she always wants to see Baby Gabriel.

My girl is simply enthralled with Baby Gabriel. I'm sure those are the first words she says whenever she sees Ms. Ali - not "hi" but "Baby Gabriel?" She has her priorities :)