"Yay!" for the Yaya Party

Maggie's 2nd birthday party was a rip-roarin' success. Up front, mucho mucho thanks to Nana (my mom) for all her hard work leading up to the party. She is so great at taking an idea of mine and making it reality (all the characters were done by her). Grandma and Grandpa are also appreciated for letting us turn their front yard into a 2 year-old playground, and for all the help they provided that day. I couldn't have done it alone, that's for sure. Oh! And before I forget - thank you so much to our friend, Joe Mac, for the documenting this day for us - your pictures are amazing!

So, onto the party. Here's the Birthday Girl, complete in her Ode-to-Yaya outfit (she calls Mickey "yaya"):

Y'all, these kids had so much stinkin' fun. (We had a few neighborhood kids drive by multiple times while we were setting up, asking questions and checking things out!) The kids all brought the rose petals I sent in their invitations to pay admission to Mickey Park - it was so cute watching them!

Bubbles are ALWAYS a hit!

I made a cinnamon chocolate loaf cake. Mmmmmm. The ears are modeling chocolate and edible, though the day was so warm they got really soft and we had to cut them in half to make them stand up. Still, I thought they came out really cute. And they were yummy :)

The chickadees were all helpful when it came to opening presents. Little ones crack me up with how excited they are about presents, no matter whose they are! For the week following this party, Maggie would periodically come up to me and say "open presents". She definitely got the hang of it :)

The hit of the day was Maggie's tricycle. Hubby and I gave her a Schwinn trike for her birthday gift, and the kids were all over that thing once it was revealed.

This is Maggie's Intended ... aren't they cute :)

All in all, a very fun day for the kids ... and the adults, too, I hope. The weather was pretty breezy but so lovely, and perfect for 4 hours outside.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Doodle-bug! We love you!