A Zoo-tastic Day

So, Maggie has added a new word to her morning requests. Every morning with Hubby or I get her up, Maggie always starts with "Pool?". She repeats "pool" a few times and when she gets nowhere with that entreaty, Maggie switches to "Park?". It is usually a 5 minute morning ritual until she either accepts that we won't be doing those things right then, or is distracted by something else, usually breakfast.

Well, Hubby and I took the Doodle to the zoo this past weekend, and now when she wakes up, "Zoo?" is also in heavy request rotation. The girl had a blast.

I love that she wipes her hand off after touching the goat. She is so my child :-)

I think the zoo is going to become a regular outing for our little family. I know Maggie won't complain.

P.S. I love my new camera!