Maggie the Music Maker (in training)

Our girl loves music. Singing it, making it, dancing to it, Maggie enjoys it all. One of the things we gave her for Christmas was a little Mickey Mouse drum with sticks, maracas, harmonica, recorder and a clapper inside. Maggie’s favorites are the recorder and the drum. Tonight, she made her very first “drum kit”: 1 drum head and 1 empty mint tin. She would bang on one, then the other, then back to the first, and so on, making her own little beat. It was brilliant.

Maggie also enjoys playing guitars with Daddy. She has a grand ole time strumming those strings from top to bottom, making all the different sounds she can.

Also fun are the knobs and switches, though (warning!) this can happen:

I suppose accidents come with the territory with an almost-2 year old :) I’m glad our Doodle Bug enjoys music so much. Hopefully it will make those mandatory piano lessons 3 years from now fun :)