Rediscovering Toys

So, I finally culled the overflowing toy bin downstairs. It just got to the point that Maggie had so many toys to play with, she couldn’t seem to settle on any one thing for any amount of time. I know she’s not quite 2 and may have the attention span of a gnat at times, but still, it was just too much stuff. She would dart from one toy to the next and never really play with anything. There was no engagement of her imagination, just flit flit flit like a bumblebee.

And now that she has a significantly dwindled selection? She actually plays with her toys and enjoys them for more than 30 seconds, and is having a blast. It’s fabulous.

These are her current favorites:

2011_02 006
The girl loves her mega-blocks! We got her a big ole dump-wagon full of them for Christmas and she is really enjoying them. I’m working with her on building foundations first, but the Doodle just wants to make them stack as high as possible, so that’s what we do.

2011_02 005
(Note that the foundation for her tower has wheels … she’s an optimist!)

She also has a set of ramps with a couple of mega-blocks cars to race around, which she finds just as entertaining as any of the boys. Even Daddy enjoys playing with them, though I will say he is good about playing with the baby dolls, too :)

2011_02 008
A side bonus of paring down the toy box? Clean up takes a lot less time :)