I'm Pretty Sure My Girl's a Genius

The weather the past few days here has been rainy and cold ... right up my alley. Since Hubby and I had a rare weekend with no weddings, Maggie and I had a pajama day on Saturday, and it was fabulous. Lots of playing and fun and giggling and talking. My word at the talking. The Doodle's turning into quite the chatterbox. Or chiacchierone, as my Italian relations call her.

One of Maggie's favorite toys is her doodler. You know. Those magnetic-y boards with the attached pen that you can erase and doodle on until your toddler steps on it and cracks it? (Ours is still totally usable, but it took her less than a month to walk right over it and put a nice chink in it.) Usually, she asks Hubby or me to draw either Frosty or Ya-ya, but lately she has started doing it all on her own. Lots of scribbling and circlescirclescircles then erase and begin again. She loves it.

Well. On Saturday, Maggie drew this:

Then looked at it and said "M!"

Because she's a genius.