Little Bo Peep

First, she was going to be Mickey Mouse, Then an Auburn Cheerleader. In the end, Maggie went as Little Bo Peep for Halloween, courtesy of Nana’s fabulous sewing skills. Maggie got so many compliments on her costume, I think my mom should go into business :)

Isn’t she adorable?

2010_10 Oct 045

We hooked up with Jack and Norah for trick-or-treating. Those three kids had the biggest entourage and, though this may sound biased, I’m pretty sure we had the cutest ones out there. Bo Peep, Tinkerbell and the Train Conductor were a big hit in the neighborhood.

After about the third house, Maggie got the hang of it and proceeded to run to the front door to meet people and see what they were handing out – quite funny for a typically shy little girl.Apparently, she is easily bribed :)