I've Never Been Accused of Profound Thinking So This One Comes from the Holy Spirit

Earlier this week, my husband was given a guitar by one of the guys in the RCIA class he helps facilitate. A very nice guitar, in fact, and when Hubby called me to tell me about it, he was all but stuttering in his disbelief. Especially since he works in a music store and knows the value of an item like this.

When he gave Hubby the guitar, the guy told Hubby that he doesn’t use it, it’s just collecting dust at home, and that he really appreciates what Hubby does each week with regards to music for RCIA and for Mass on Sundays, so he wanted him to have the guitar.

Hubby was stunned and didn’t know what to say. The one thing he kept asking me was, “Should I keep it? I think I should give it back. It’s too much.”

I did a little online research the next day and the unanimous opinion was that to give it back would be rude and would discount the generosity of the person giving the gift. You should accept it gratefully and sincerely - there are no other expectations attached.

(You should also send a nice handwritten card. The Southerner in me demands that.)

Anyway, Hubby has accepted this wonderful and unexpected treasure, and his conscience is somewhat soothed. He is taking a thank-you card to class next week and will again express how grateful he is to the generous soul who gifted him so abundantly.

And it made me think…

Don’t we do the same thing to Jesus?

He gave us a gift – an amazing, awesome gift that can never be reciprocated or earned. But we (or at least, I) spend so much time feeling unworthy of that gift, that I totally discount the generosity and love that was involved in the giving.

Jesus gave us eternal life because he is completely in love with us and wants us to be with him for all time.

The gift is incredible, but the reasons behind the gift are just as important. They are what give the gift meaning.

He wants us to have it so much that he died for us. Horribly. Barbarically. Died. For you and me.

So, take time to sincerely tell Jesus ‘thank you’.

He deserves at least that.