My Good Eater

I was a fairly picky eater growing up with an especial dislike for peas (cue flashback of mean daycare teacher). Hubby would eat anything put in front of him ... except cauliflower ("because dirt gets trapped in the brain part" - that's an actual quote).

Well much to my delight, Maggie doesn't seem to be as finicky as Mommy or as fussed about dirt as Daddy.

2010_07 066
Sweet peas, cauliflower, cheese and chicken – and she didn’t even throw any to the cats. That means she really likes it!

(The cats, by the way, have begun hovering under her chair at mealtime, as Maggie is usually obliging when she is finished or doesn’t like something and will toss it down. Who knew cats liked peas or ravioli? I guess beggars can’t be choosers … and they are certainly beggars.)

My girl is a really good milk drinker, too (just like her Mommy and Grandpa).

                                         2010_07 070   2010_07 069  

Oh, and don’t forget our love affair with watermelon. I have learned it is best to undress her first – it saves on the stain treating I have to do :)
 2010_07 019

Maggie is also a little food thief. She grabbed a couple of fries off my plate one day, then snatched green beans from Hubby's plate the other night when he wasn't looking. She is so related to her Uncle Danny :)