This & That

We're having a nice little Alabama morning here ... 83 degrees and muggy as all get-out. This kind of weather makes me appreciate my curly hair, and that's something because we don't always get along.

The Doodle has officially cut a top tooth (did I tell y'all that already?) but this one is causing her a lot more discomfort and/or pain than her bottom ones ever did. And I think because they hurt her so much, her emotions are a bit hypersensitive. A little trip and fall that she has done a hundred times and she would usually bounce back up from now leads to lots of tears and sadness. It's heartbreaking. So, we have lots of cuddle time now.

We are LOVING walking, by the way. Maggie's feet are in a constant state of dirty ...

Every diaper change also gets a foot washing and lotioning now. The dirt doesn't faze her in the least but Mommy can only take so much before we have to wash up ... even if those toes are just going to get dirty again.

We are having dinner with some friends of ours this weekend and I'm so excited about it. Our friend, Scott, is on summer break from seminary but his schedue is so packed that we don't get to see him much. So, along with Maggie's buddy Jack and his parents, we are all getting together Sunday evening for dinner and fellowship. Hopefully this time I will remember my camera.

I have an update about Josie coming soon. Continued thanks for all of your prayers for her.

I recently culled my bookshelves at home and down-sized my collection. I have a bad habit of buying books. I know there are worse things to spend money on but it dawned on me that, instead of buying, I should get books from the library first. That way, if I don't like it, no money involved. Duh, right? My only issue with the library is that I have never been good at adhering to return dates. Which is why I have Netflix for my movie rentals. But, I found a library close to work (so I can go at lunchtime) and found out that I can renew my books online up to 4 times, so this should help me get them back in a reasonable amount of time. I don't know what my hang up is with getting books and movies back on time, but I've probably spent a small fortune in late fees since high school. So far, though, I have not had one late book - and that's an accomplishment, let me tell ya. I may have to reward myself with a pedicure or something :)

Well, I think that's enough randomness for one day. Thanks for hangin' in there with me.