A Long, Lovely Weekend

So ... what did y'all do over the long 4th of July weekend?

Well, we hung out in our pajamas,

explored in our toy basket,

ate lots of watermelon,

watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,

(complete with the Hot Dog Dance)

and went to a baseball game (Maggie's 1st and a First Date Anniversary for Hubby and me).

Whew! Throw in swimming, pulled pork bbq, and a couple of great-aunts, and we had a busy weekend!

Maggie was so cute at the baseball game. She loves to clap and we couldn't have been in a better place for that to happen. Lots of clapping! She also 'talked back' to the vendors who walk up and down the stadium stairs - it was hilarious! She even had the people in front of us smiling. She likes chicken fingers (not the breading, though ... how can my child not like the fried part?) and cheese pizza. Maggie kept trying to get into our kettle corn bag but I had a shining moment of preparedness and whipped out the Cheerios ... she probably ate 1 to every 2 or 8 that she dropped but she was having fun and leaving our kettle corn alone so, oh well with the mess. We just wanted to ensure that the janitorial staff would have work to do :)

Hope y'all had a great holiday, too. God bless you ... and God bless America!