A Hairy Sit-chee-a-shun

I want to start by stating that I am very happy that Maggie has hair. There for a while, I wondered if the girl was going to go through life with just fuzz.

But now that we have hair, I can't keep it out of her eyes. Ya'll, it is driving me batty. I pull her bangs back with barrettes but that in and of itself is stretching me to the limits of sanity. Maggie always pulls them out.

Always. Always. Always.

I can usually get her distracted and playing immediately after putting one in her hair, but within 20 or 30 minutes she has pulled it out. And started chewing on it, of course. Because I have a nanny goat for a little girl.

Anyway, I am letting it grow out on purpose but what I'd like to know is this: do y'all have any suggestions on how best to keep barrettes or clips in a toddler's hair?

Maybe I should figure out how to make a gummy barrette, that way when she (inevitably) tries the eat the thing, she can just have a little snack and Mommy doesn't have to worry about choking.

Either that or Maggie will just go through her next stage in life looking unkempt in every. single. picture. I. take.