Maggie & 'Mo

Maggie is so enamored of our kitties. Much to their joy - ha! Chloe and Cosmo are both really good with Maggie, actually, though I think Cosmo sometimes wishes she didn't love him quite so much. She enjoys chasing him around and squealing with delight when she catches up to him, and Gump-kitty* that he is, he runs and runs but never thinks to go UP, like onto the back of the recliner or the sofa, where she can't reach him. Ah well ... it is entertaining!

*Gump-kitty: dumb as a box of rocks but super-duper sweet (it's one of Cosmo's many nicknames)

We are teaching Maggie to pet the kitties gently, as opposed to pulling their fur out. Here's a little video of Maggie, Daddy and Cosmo ... you gotta admit: Maggie listens pretty well for a wee one, and Cosmo is infinitely patient with her. Either that or he wants lovin' on so badly I think he's just willing to put up with a lot!