This & That

The weather has been creep-creep-creepin' up the past few days, and we had our first 100 degree day on Friday. However, on Monday we had the most glorious, perfect weather. Quite cool for an Arizona May day, but so lovely. If we had weather like that every day, I would never complain.

If we had weather like that every day, we'd have more people living here than we could handle, so I guess it's a trade-off.

Maggie has really gotten the hang of walking. That girl is everywhere! We discovered another big plus for the cloth diapers that she wears: padding! I don't know how her bum isn't black-and-blue from all the falling, but up she gets and off she goes.

The girl did manage to pull a tray table down before I could get to her the other day, and it landed right on top of her left foot. I knew that one hurt her, and there were lots of tears. The hardest thing to do when she hurts herself is to get a good look at the banged-up body part - she kept pulling her foot away from me and kicking it (I'm sure because it hurt) but hello! Mommy needs to assess the damage. The foot is pretty well bruised but all the digits worked just fine, and 3 minutes later she wanted back down to get to her push-car and hasn't looked back since, so all is well.

In just about 3 weeks or so, my parents are leaving for Alabama to pack up my Aunt Sister and bring her out here for good. Yippee! She's so great, and I'm excited that she's going to be easier to visit. My Southern accent is probably going to come back with a vengeance, with is fun (I've lived away from AL for so long, my accent seems to come and go depending on who I'm around) ... Aunt Sister has a rural accent that just lends itself to sayings such as "well butter my biscuit" and "slap full". She's a hoot, and will have us in stitches with her family stories. I can't wait to introduce y'all to her. Life around here is going to be alot more chatty :)

Maggie loves the sound of the velcro on her diapers, and we went through a time when she would end up nekkid on the bottom from pulling at them, but we got past it without any real issues. Until yesterday. Hubby got whizzed on and it didn't make him a happy camper. Maggie had pulled the velco apart under her shorts and when he went to pick her up, she whizzed. All over herself. All over Hubby. Maggie was happy and smiling and overjoyed that she was getting a mid-day bath. Hubby, not so much. All I could tell him was "welcome to parenthood, honey". Is it bad that it totally made me laugh?

I forgot to mention that after the James Taylor/Carole King concert last week, Hubby and I were in the elevator when Brett Hull got on. For those of you sitting there saying to yourselves, "who?", Brett Hull was a hockey player for the Phoenix Coyotes, our hometown team (and a few others, but I only got into hockey after moving to AZ). I must say, out of that padded uniform, he's much smaller than I thought he'd be, though I'm sure Mr. Skinny could kick out booties, no problem. He was very polite and quiet, and it was just kind of cool.

Lastly, I'd like to ask y'all to pray for a lady named Emily, and her husband and new baby. She delivered earlier this week and the baby is perfect, but she developed a condition called HELLP, and her prognosis for survival is not good at all. They are doing comfort measures at this point and just praying. If you would please lift this family up to God, I know they would appreciate it. All things are possible through Him. Thank you for being such sweet faithfuls.

Hope y'all have a great day!