Maggie's 1st Birthday Party

The Birthday Girl!

Ty enjoying his carrots - yum!

Blake and his mommy

Hubby and Me with our official and adopted godkids :)

Lil' Miss Hailey ... another sweet friend

My goddaughter, Ellie ... being a goof :)

Sweet Cousins, Jack and Norah

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Maggie! Happy Birthday to you!

This string was Maggie's favorite thing while opening gifts. I think it shows up in quite a few pictures :)

I just have to tell y'all this ... the thing we did that the kids enjoyed the most were the pinwheels in the yard. My mom picked up a bunch of them at Target for $1 each (in the front section where all the cheapy stuff is) and we just put them in the grass for color and decoration. The kids LOVED them and played with them constantly! We ended up sending one pinwheel home with each kid, just because they enjoyed them so much. How fun and inexpensive, huh? :)