In Which I Share the Doodle's Easter Photos

We had a beautiful Easter Mass today (singing and guitar-ing by Hubby, thankyouverymuch), then an afternoon of lovely family-time. Although this isn't really Maggie's first Easter - she was only 4 days old last year at Easter and we actually took her home for good that Easter evening - so this is our first year to really celebrate this day together ... and it couldn't have been more perfect. The weather today was gorgeous, the food scrumptious, and it's always nice that both Hubby's and my families all get together for any given holiday. So, before we button up for the evening, I just wanted to share Maggie's "1st" Easter pictures.

Oh! Oh! One more thing! In the Momentous News Category: Maggie took 3 small, wobbly, unassisted steps this afternoon! Of course, as per usual, when we grabbed the cameras and asked her to repeat the performance, she did not cooperate. But it was witnessed by many - how exciting!

Hope y'all had a beautiful day! Happy Easter!

And just for comparison, this is Maggie last Easter, at 4 days old, 4 pounds, 5 ounces ...

God bless!