I Heart Waldo's

... and they should be grateful I came back, considering that the past two times I have eaten there I did not leave happy. I guess third time's the charm, or the bbq gods were feeling pity for me or something, because this time Waldo's was all it was supposed to be.

Waldos' was the bonus, though. The prize was that Hubby stopped in unexpectedly to take me to lunch today. Yay for thoughtful hubbies! :)

I forgot to take a picture of my unbelievably tasty, melt-in-your-mouth pulled-pork bbq sandwich because, well, my body acts of its own accord when it senses this treat, and I had it covered in sauce and my hands had picked it up and jammed it in my mouth before I ever thought about it. And really, at that point my body will just not do anything else but Eat That Sandwich. There was no "let's put down the sandwich and take a picture" ... Serious Eating had already commenced and was not to be interrupted by something as silly as my need for blog material.

But, just to share some of the ambiance of The Place With All The Pork, here are just a few of the ka-twenty-zillion things hanging on their walls and ceiling:

You know you're not in for fay-ncy when this guy greets you ...

Wears that hat a bit rakishly, I'd say.

Here's another one hangin' from the ceiling ... invitin' feller, ain't 'e?

This is Hubby hammin' it up with his fried okra (he sending you the okra-love, Misti) ...

And this is Hubby's favorite sign in the place (and the word with the flash-hole in it is screaming, just so ya know) ...

Aaaaahh, Waldo's. You're back on my happy list now. I'm so glad we're friends again. Oh, and for those who live in the Phoenix Metro area: go to the Original Waldo's on Main Street, not the new one in San Tan. Just trust me on that. You won't be disappointed :)