Back to Normalcy - Whatever That Is

Boogies. Poopy diapers. Cat vomit.

That has been my world the past few days. Yes, yes, loads of fun, thanks for asking.

Maggie was under the weather almost all of last week. A combination of teething and a cold, I think, which resulted in a runny/stuffy/tender nose that made sleeping difficult for her, and loads of super-poopy diapers. We went through so many diapers one day we actually broke down and bought a box of disposables.

Friday late-morning, her fever finally went away for good, and by Saturday, the Doodle was getting back to her old self. Not that she quit playing or anything like that, she was just more clingy and cuddly than usual ... and what Mommy would refuse that, no matter the reason.

Maggie still has a bit of a stuffy nose, but she's back to sleeping through the night, so she's making progress. This week made me wish I'd remembered to enter Shana's Boogie Wipes giveaway ... Maggie doesn't want to let us near that sore nose of hers.

And into this mix we have attention-seeking cats who have hacked all over my house ... 3 times in one night, even. They nearly sent me over the edge of sanity.

Today, I think life is finally back to normal. And by normal, I mean boring. And I am fine with that :)

P.S. My goddaughter, Ellie, received the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Eucharist this morning at St. Mary Basilica in Phoenix, and I was her sponsor. Congrats, sweet girl! I'm so proud of you! Sending you lots of love and hugs!