All By Myself

I think I'm a lone hold-out here. Definitely in the minority.

I'm the girl who doesn't have a Facebook page.

Social networking sites just aren't for me.

(I'm embarrassed to admit that I have a Twitter page, though I will say I only started it because I was following Stellan during his hospital stays. But I have never tweeted.)

(I can't believe I just typed 'tweeted'.)

Just so you know, I did have a MySpace page a few years ago, right up until it hit me just how much time I was wasting on it. Once I realized that, I deleted my page and haven't been back since.

(I'd thought it would be a great way to keep up with my friends from back home and would make it so much easier to see what all the goings-on were in their lives, and they could see mine, and we would all be happy and together in cyberspace.

It started innocently enough.

I made sure to update my Status often. We all know how important The Status is. How would anyone know if I were happy, gloomy or constipated if I didn't make sure to update? It is imperative to share. and share often. Complete with emoticons, of course.

Then I started decorating. I had to make this space reflect me. Or at least, the best part of me, the stuff I wanted people to see or know about me. (It's so easy to 'be' someone else online, don't you think?) The Decorating ... it was on-going. My word at the time I spent finding the perfect wallpaper. I chose colors for my home quicker than I did for my MySpace page, and that is not an exaggeration.

Of course, the purpose of all this was to keep up with friends. Which I did. Often. Multiple times a day. Because if someone commented or gave me a sticker or there was a quiz I needed to take to determine which Hogwarts House I would be Sorted into, an immediate response was required. Until I wised up.)

(I'm sure y'all wanted to know all of that.)

I only bring this up because I was on Hubby's Facebook page today (Yes. He, too, has abandoned me). I wanted to see how his cousin in Costa Rica is doing and asked Hubby if I could login to his account. For the record, this is the first time I have done this. Once I was in, I checked on his cousin. Then I checked on Friends #1 through about #6, and had started searching for folks I know, before realizing I had been sucked into the Online Time Warp and 40 minutes had passed.

(Y'all. Where does the time go when you're online? Seriously. It's ridiculous.)

And that was before I remembered that I wanted to see what the heck Farmville was all about (I didn't though).

So, that was likely to be a first and last time for me. I'm not saying never, I just saying that it is an unnecessary thing for my life. My blog works well whenever I want to chronicle our lives with Maggie, or ramble on about nothing (um ... like now?), or just share news or meditations. And my friends ... we can visit when we have time, and it's nice that way.

Kuddos to all y'all who are able to use responsibly.