The Waffling Waffler from Waffleton

Yep. I'm at it again. Obviously I am having difficulty deciding on a design choice for this here blog, which is weird because I tend to be a quick and decided decider. I make decisions pretty quickly and never look back.

Except where blog design comes in, apparently.

And Maggie's birthday party.

Y'all. I have never waffled so much on what to do for a get-together In. My. Life. It's ridiculous! When my mom and I went shopping for her party stuff, I went in with a design plan. I knew what I wanted.

I then proceeded to change my mind a half-dozen times, the last time being when I spied pretty Easter/Spring-y stuff as WE WERE WALKING TO THE CHECK-OUT. Even Hubby couldn't believe I was acting that way (he's ususally the waffler of the family).

Anyway, I finally decided that the fact that it's Maggie's 1st Birthday Party was theme enough, so we are doing pretty springtime decorations and it will be lovely.

I hope :)

And the blog design? I can't make any promises. Just know you're in the right spot even if it looks different :)