Maggie Meets the Easter Bunny ...

... and it did not make her happy.

As you can see in the darling picture below capturing our child's attempted escape mere moments before the tears started in earnest.

Maggie has started this whole 'mommy-clingy' thing lately (even where Daddy's concerned, she reaches for Mommy), plus she'll tuck her head against me and play shy. And not just with strangers but with people she knows! It took a couple of minutes of Uncle Danny playing peek-a-boo yesterday for her to warm up to him, and she's known him since birth.

However, if you are holding another baby/toddler/small child, you are totally cool. She LOVES babies and small children, and if you are the adult holding said baby/toddler/small child, she will easily tolerate your presence.. It's so cute to see her interact with other kids ... you just have to watch her because she tries to grab their faces (and they, usually, are trying to grab hers, as well). Super cute, so long as the baby talons don't scratch out any eyes. (How do baby finger nails get so stinkin' sharp?)

Wow, I've gotten a bit off-topic, haven't I? Where was I? Oh, yeah, Easter Bunny. We had gone to Waldo's BBQ yesterday for my 36th birthday dinner, then spent the afternoon walking around an outdoor shopping area, enjoying the fan-tab-ulous weather. As we were leaving we spotted the Easter Bunny (who, for some reason, had not yet crossed my mind at all - if we hadn't seen him yesterday Maggie would have been trauma-free this Easter because I never would have thought to take her). And as mentioned before, she did not have fun. Mr. Bunny was totally cool and cute, though, and played peek-a-boo with her until she started smiling and laughing. The rapport they shared those few shining moments flew out the window once I plopped her in his lap and stepped back.

But at least we got a picture. And isn't that what mom's are supposed to do? No childhood is complete without at least one unhappy holiday character picture. I'll just check that box and move on.

And as an aside, I always go to Waldo's BBQ for my birthday but this year, instead of going to the Original Waldos, we went to a new Chain Waldos down by the mall. Bad bad decision. Poor service. Poor food. So in summary: just go to the Original. Always. You won't be disappointed.